CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  is pleased to announce the release of its new e-shop with domain name: . The  e-shop is owned and edited by  CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC.  and has its registered office at 47 Tsimiski str., 54623, Thessaloniki, Greece, with the VAT Registration Number: EL 800540910. Contact e-mail address:  , Tel/fax: +302310260324.

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING the website, users signify their assent and agreement to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms you should immediately discontinue any use of this multistore.

Below, you will find all the detailed sections concerning the Terms and Conditions of Use of CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC official e-shop.

1. Copyright Notice

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  owns the intellectual property rights, including copyright, or has acquired all the necessary licenses. CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC has created this e-shop to provide information about the company and products for personal use. Users are not authorized to sell, reproduce, distribute, display or publicly perform any text, graphics, images, logos, videos, multimedia or the selection and compilation of the contents of the site. 

All content on this e-shop including but not limited to, trademarks, copyright and all other intellectual property rights, is property of the company. Neither the content, nor any other intellectual property right may be used, reproduced, copied, sold, resold, or otherwise exploited, fully or partially, for any purpose without our prior written consent.

You cannot modify any material or information on this website for any purpose other than personal, non-commercial. CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  reserves the right to use for its own purposes any material provided through this website, including text and images, even for editorial purposes. All contents of this website are licensed for use by CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  

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2. Limitation of Liability

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  uses its best endeavors to ensure that the information provided is accurate, complete and always up to date. 

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of all information contained on this official multistore, nor guarantees that the use of its website will be uninterrupted, error-free, virus-free or that any error will be automatically corrected.

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  can guarantee to inform its customers on time, about non - availability of its products, or any delay that may occur to a customer’s order.  

3. Disclaimer

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions from time to time. By using the e-shop after an announced modification of these Terms & Conditions, you automatically agree to the new Terms & Conditions. Thus, we encourage you to visit these Terms & Conditions regularly to ensure that you are fully aware of them. 

4. Security and Privacy Policy

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  acknowledges the importance of the security of your personal data and your online transactions and takes all necessary steps to ensure maximum safety, with the most modern and advanced methods. All information related to your personal information and your transactions are secure and confidential. 

In general, use of our e-shop can be made without the need of giving us any personal information.  However, depending on the type of service you wish to use, we may collect the following information: 

1. For an Account Registration - Contact information including your name, surname, email address, telephone number, Fax, postal address and postal code.

The method used to ensure your privacy when logging in is called “Customer Identification”.

There are two codes to identify every customer:

a.      His/Her username or e-mail

b.      His/Her personal password

Every time you access your account with these security entries, you are in a secure environment regarding all your personal information provided. The only one with access to this information is you. Kindly consider yourself responsible for the confidentiality of these security entries. 

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  can delete your personal information anytime, after your request.

2.  For an online Purchase - Billing information, transaction and credit card information (should you make a purchase via credit card)

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  does not share/distribute/make available your personal information to any third parties. CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  takes all possible measures to protect your personal information. 

However, there is always a risk when using internet websites, thus, we cannot fully ensure the protection of your personal information.

By submitting your personal information to our server, you guarantee that the information is true, legal and in any means suitable.

We inform you that once you subscribe to our website you automatically consent to receive our latest updates and news (newsletters) via email. If you wish to stop receiving our newsletters please contact the Department of Customer Service at via e-mail.

5. Search and Purchase of products

In order to help you search and purchase products of our websites, we have created a very simple process: You may use the search button to very easily find the products you desire. If you wish to purchase a product and make an order you may choose the most convenient payment method and fill the order’s form.

After completing the ‘order process’ you will receive an automated confirmation email, which will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your order. You will also receive a second email containing useful information regarding dispatch and delivery.

In case any pending issues should arise, we will send you an e-mail or contact you at the telephone you will have registered. To this end, we highly recommend that you inform us of any changes regarding your contact information while your order is still pending, to make sure you receive all e-mails and to keep all e-mails during the order process.

CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  reserves the right to cancel any order due to unavailability or elimination of a product.  

6. Prices

All prices shown on the product pages of the website include VAT. CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  reserves the right to modify the price ​​of its products at any time without prior notice.The company reserves the right to not provide the above specific characteristics of each product, in case the entry is of an informative nature in regards to a product not yet available for sale, but is expected to be in the future. The prices of  CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  are the same at all sales points (stores and online stores).  However, at times, there might be specific promotional actions on selected products in one or more points of sale. CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  may modify the price of a product after modifications on one or more of its natural characteristics, such as size. CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  will use its best endeavors to verify the accuracy of any information written on its official website, concerning product prices and descriptions. However, it makes no warranties in relation to the accuracy, reliability and completeness of such information. For this reason, it is recommended that during offers one should communicate with the customer services via e-mail for confirmation regarding a given order. Despite our best efforts, some of the products listed on the site may be incorrectly priced. Moreover, the prices of the products do not include extra costs, such as: shipping costs and products’ custom clearance (taxes and import duties – for non E.U. countries) which are charged to the recipient. 

7. Payment Methods

For your very own convenience, we suggest the following payment methods for your purchases: 

A. Bank Deposit

You can deposit the equivalent of your order at the bank account of CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  , strictly within 5 days, counting from the date that your order has been registered. If not, your order will be cancelled.

Please fill the Statement of Deposit (Bank document of payment) with:

1.       Your full name

2.       Your order’s number, which will be sent to you via e-mail, after your order’s checkout process.

You may also send us the bank’s Statement of Deposit via Fax, call us, or send us an e-mail at

You can deposit the equivalent of your order at the following bank account:



IBAN: GR7801407000700002002020168  



Your order will not be dispatched until we receive your payment.

B. Credit Card

You will be redirected to the Alpha e-Commerce platform of ALPHA BANK, a pioneer in the field of secure electronic transactions, which guarantees the credibility and security of your purchases.

Your card data will not be stored anywhere and it is not released to any third parties whatsoever (not even to the provider of the product you are buying). CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC  does not collect or store your card data. That is the reason why you need to re-enter your card data every time you purchase products from our online store.

8. More information on orders

Orders and shipping are available to most countries. Contact us at for more information.  

Order cancelation:

You can cancel your order only in the two following cases:

1. Before completing and verifying your order 

Through the online order process you can go to “My Shopping Bag” and click on the ‘X button (Remove).

2.  After completing your order, ONLY IF it has not yet been dispatched*

Please contact us via e-mail at and request the product’s cancelation.

*The dispatch date will be announced to you at the order’s confirmation email.

9. Shipping Cost and Delivery Time

Free shipping cost for orders above 40,00 €. For orders below 40,00 €, the delivery cost is 6,00 €.



For non-E.U. countries (Category C), the product’s custom clearance is an extra cost charged to the recipient. Custom clearance charges vary depending on the applicable taxes of each country.

Our Customers Service Department will inform you about the total cost of your purchase, via email.

The delivery time is estimated to be 7 to 15 working days.

Order Delay

It is possible that your order be delayed for the reasons stated below:
A. The product you have ordered is sold out or is no longer offered for purchase and is not available:

Amongst the products, we exhibit in our e-shop, there are cases where these are sold out or are no longer offered for purchase. In such a case, an employee of our company shall contact you immediately in order to provide you with all alternative solutions available.

B. During periods of extreme weather conditions or strikes, as well as in any other case of force majeure, capable of affecting the transferring and delivery of your order.

C. In case contact with you by telephone and/or e-mail is impossible (if a problem arises with your order, either with regard to the product or with regard to its payment), because i.e. the information you have provided has not been properly updated.

10. Refund Policy

You have the right to ask for a refund and to return a product, strictly within 14 days, counting from the date you have received your order. 

By requesting a refund you will be charged with:

• The shipping cost

• The insurance cost

• The product clearance cost (regarding non-E.U. Countries)

Refund Process:

1. Contact the CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC   e-Shop Customer Service by email at within the above period of 14 days.

2. The Customer Service Department will send you the ‘withdrawal form’.

3. Send us back the above form completed via email at

Refund is accepted only if each product you wish to return:

1. Is in the same excellent condition as delivered, untouched and unused, inside the   CHRONO VILDIRIDIS  packaging. 

2. Has been received, checked and approved by the company.

3. Is accompanied by the original receipt and all other documents of purchase.  

If all the above conditions are fulfilled, the refund will be sent to you within 30 days, counting from the date of validation of return. 

When your order has been delivered, we recommend you to personally check the packaging and the product’s condition.

11. Return Policy

You have the right to return an order and to ask for an exchange with another, strictly within 30 days from the date you have received your order. 

By requesting an exchange you will be charged with:

• The shipping cost

• The insurance cost

• The product clearance cost (regarding non-E.U. Countries)

If the value of the new order is lower than the value of the initial order, the company will not refund you the difference. This difference will be credited to the customer’s name for future purchases.

Return Process:

1. Contact the CHRONO VILDIRIDIS e-Shop Customer Service, by sending an email at , within the above period of 30 days.

2. The Customer Service Department will send you the ‘Return of Products’ form.

3. Send us back the above form, completed via email at

When your order has been delivered, we recommend you to personally check the packaging and the product’s condition.

Change of already returned products will not be allowed.

12. Applicable law and competent courts

Greek law governs the contracts concluded with our e-shop and any disputes arising from these contracts are exclusively referred for solution to the courts of Thessaloniki.


13. Communication with CHRONO VILDIRIDIS PC

The user may communicate with the company by emailing


14. Authorized sales shop

Thessaloniki: 47 Tsimiski str. PC56423, Tel: +302310260324


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