Craftmanship - Limited Edition

It may sound strange, but there exist numerous ways in which one is wise to be estranged from his era. In the times of massive production, where products are made in factories by the thousands under standardized forms and procedures, in the times of speed and simplification, the notion of handmade, both as a practice and as a mentality, tends to refer to a completely different era. 
We take jewellery and watches personally. Every single product offered in our stores has its own unique story. Almost always, it is handmade; it has been born in the hands of experienced craftmen, always made in precious metals, always constructed with inexhaustible excitement and love.
As our jewellery is made by hand, we can only be restricted in what we can and what we cannot create by ... fantasy itself! Whichever idea you have, however difficult its transformation into a jewel may sound, you will find that we are willing and able to undertake it.


Even if one were to read all the books written on a specific subject, he would still remain ignorant of the invaluable advice inevitably offered by practice to anyone who is bold enough to try. Our experience in the magical world of jewellery and watches spans over four generations. We are familiar with the peculiarities of luxury products and of the particularities of the clients wishing to procure them, while we make sure our stores are always staffed by professionals who have been taught, through the valuable pages of books and the invaluable experiences of professional life, the best kept secrets of jewellery and watch-making. 
When consumer demands exist in perfect harmony with the principles of the people desiring to serve them, something unique is created: a name which remains alive and thriumphs for over 120 years in the world of jewellery and watches!
Our culture is formed by the ideal in which we discern the highest value: the satisfaction of the people we have the honor of calling our clients! Our dedication to this goal indicates how we ought to behave, what we ought to learn and through which perspective we ought to gaze into the future.
However much times and conditions may change, there is one characteristic which will always remain for us unalterable. That is the first-rate quality of the products we create and represent.
In- store exprerience
"Every visit to a Chrono Vildiridis store is a journey". This is how we want every client of ours to recall the time spent inside any one of our stores. And indeed, not only the purchase, but also the simple search for a luxurious jewel or watch constitutes a journey, whose every aspect we consider our duty to maintain spectacular. In order to remain loyal to this goal, we have pledged to not only always form our stores into spaces where you can feel confortable to travel, but to also equip them with people, whose specialized knowledge allows you to feel confortable enough to explore. 

A journey cannot be considered spectacular unless it is comprised of more details than a person can count. The details in the journey we offer are our products; and, travelling inside one of our stores, we are certain that you will feel enchanted.
We represent the best brands of swiss watchmaking, thus allowing our clients to reach their choice on the basis of an impressive array of qualitative characteristics, while we create, employing a plethora of valuable stones and different designs, glorious jewellery which live up to the preferences of even the most demanding of our clients.  
Our products are accompanied by the guarantee of the Vildiridis name. This guarantee constitutes every product's passport to our specialized after sales services. By making a purchase in one of our stores, you enter our life, and likewise we enter yours. After your purchase, we are inevitably connected through a relationship which not only transcends the traditional buyer-seller relations, but which also transcends time itself.